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We supply only the best International & Local Products:

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baslac offers a cost effective, high performing range of products that are suitable for all your professional repair needs. baslac prides itself on providing better value, easy to use systems that will ensure an excellent result every time.

Glasurit is the world’s leading Automotive Refinishing brand, manufactured in Germany since 1898.Glasurit enjoys approvals by the world’s leading car manufacturers and offers a lifetime warranty to the car owner, as well as world class colouristics and technology to the Panelshop owner.


Luxor Paints is a leading locally manufactured Automotive and Industrial Paint and Wood Coating Supplier.

HB Body - Restoring a damaged vehicle to pre-accident condition is a challenge that requires true skill. But the quality of your collision repair project hinges on the quality of your refinishing products. The HB Body range is exclusively manufactured in Europe to help you get excellent results, from products that are easy to work with.


SATA sets the standard for Spray Guns and Compressed Air Filters.


DeVilbiss Spray Guns provides leading performance and reliability.


Mirka is one of the five largest abrasive manufacturers in the world. The company manufactures abrasives for all markets and places strong emphasis on innovation and product development and is a specialist in dust free surface preparation with a range of unique products.


*For Data Sheets and more product info please feel free to visit the Manufacturers' website by selecting the appropriate Company Logo or name  


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