We spesialize in Car & Truck Glass Replacements:



  • All glass fitted is shatterproof and meets SABS Standards

  • 1 year fitment guarantee given on workmanship and defects

  • Mobile fitment ensures customers stay productive

  • Approved by most major Insurance Companies

  • Claims processed hassle free

  • We do vehicle inspections



  • Front Windscreens

  • Rear Windscreens

  • Side Glass

  • Cab Sliders



Windscreen chip repairs done on-site:



  • It’s fast! It takes about 15 minutes, and you can drive away

  • It’s smart!  If the damage spreads, you will need a new windscreen, and that could cost hundreds of Rands

  • It’s safe!  Repair removes distractions and restores the structural integrity of your windscreen

  • It’s covered! Most comprehensive insurance policies cover the cost of the repair.

No guarantee given on chip repairs - if however you are not satisfied, the cost of the repair will be deducted from the cost of a replacement windscreen

Rights to Refuse Service

  • MAB reserves the right to refuse to carry out any work on any vehicle which, in their sole opinion, they consider to be unsafe.

  • We will not fit windscreens or fixed glass over rust that is near the aperture or which affects the integrity of the installation.

  • If severe rust is discovered during the stripping process we will stop the installation. The client will need to arrange that their vehicle be towed to a panel shop at their own expense in order to be repaired before we are able to re-fit a glass.


Quality Assurance Process

  • Our fitment/repair teams will complete pre-fitment and post-fitment checks, which needs to be done BEFORE and AFTER the fitment, to ensure there is no room for workmanship discrepancies and to reduce the possibility of come-backs. If you however do not go through these checks with the fitter and sign the document anyway, we will not be held liable for any relating discrepancies raised whatsoever, after fitment.

  • Except for these potential unseen problems: Water Leaks, Wind Noise & Door glass not winding up properly where bonding agent was used; we are not obligated to return to the fitment address after the fitment is complete as it is your obligation to go through the pre- and post-fitment checks with the fitter. Additional trips may be chargeable or it may be requested by us that you bring your vehicle to a central meeting point.

  • If light surface rust is discovered during the stripping process we will sand it down and apply primer before continuing with the installation.


Sensors and Electrical Devices

  • There are a percentage of vehicles that require their electrics to be re-set at a dealership after a replacement has been done. These re-sets can only be determined after the fitment is complete. This is not part of our fitment service and MAB Autobody is not responsible for the reprogramming of sensors or any electrical requirements. We will however gladly assist in overseeing the process with a dealership in your area.

  • The costs to reprogram the electrics will be included as part of your insurance claim with us if your vehicle is booked into a dealership in your area within 10 days after we have replaced your glass. Thereafter if the vehicle has not been booked in, we will notify your insurer and the reprogramming costs will be removed from our invoice and only the glass replacement charges will be invoiced to your Insurance Company. Following which we will partially refund you the excess paid against the reprogramming charges.

  • If we find the electrics need to be reprogrammed at the point of fitment or thereafter, the excess amount due on your claim will be adjusted and payment will be due on site.

  • If you are a cash customer, the reprogramming of the sensor will be for your own cost through a dealership directly.

  • If a rain or light sensor is found to be faulty or functioning incorrectly after a fitment has been done, we are only obligated to assist in its replacement / re-setting if it was initially marked off in working order on the ”pre-fitment” checks.


Fitment & Product Guarantee

  • Our motor glass fitments are guaranteed for 12 months from date of fitment and are not transferable.

  • The guarantee on parts supplied will be limited to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s guarantee in force at the time of purchase.

  • The original invoice must accompany all guarantee claims.

  • If a fault arises that is due to our faulty workmanship and is reported to us within the guarantee period it will be rectified free of charge. This guarantee does not extend to work carried out by a third party on our behalf.

  • MAB Autobody will not be responsible for loss of earnings, inconvenience or alternative transport costs in the claim under our guarantee.

  • Tampering with the fitted glass and / or related areas of the fitment will make these guarantees null and void.

  • The guarantee excludes rust, wear and tear and UV damage.

  • If the vehicle is washed within 24 hours after a windscreen, rear screen or side glass is fitted where bonding agent was used, the fitment guarantee is made null and void (Rain water is safe and does not cause a reaction to the bonding agent used)

  • MAB Autobody takes no responsibility for vehicles driven by the customer before the recommended safe drive away time.

  • If the vehicle is driven, or loaded with goods during the required stand-still time, the fitment guarantee is made null and void.

  • If we suspect the vehicle was moved during the required stand-still time, we may request the vehicle’s tracking report to confirm our fitment guarantee applies.

  • Any repair costs that MAB Autobody is liable for, will be done through accredited repairers, as chosen by MAB Autobody at the time.

  • When a “re-do” is required and a bonding agent was used during the initial fitment, a re-fitment cannot take place within 4 days in order to allow the bonding agent to set completely.


Safe drive away times

  • Vehicle may not be moved for a period of 2 (two) hours after fitment of a windscreen.

  • Trucks or Busses may not be moved, or cabs tilted for a period of 4-6 (four to six) hours after fitment of glass.


Payments and Deposits

  • The company reserves the right to come and remove installed goods due to non payment of excess in full, within 7 days of installation.

  • I, hereby acknowledge that I remain liable for all costs pertaining to the repair and / or replacement of my motor vehicle’s glass and related parts, which my chosen Insurer does not pay.

  • All parts and materials supplied remain the property of MAB Autobody until payment has been received in full.


Chip Repairs

  • If a chip “runs” in the repair process, MAB Autobody will not be held responsible.

  • The repair guarantee is valid for 12 months and is not transferable.

  • The original invoice must accompany all guarantee claims.

  • Tampering with the windscreen will make the guarantee null and void.

  • If the repair “opens up” it will be refilled at no extra charge.


Disclaimer of Liability

  • MAB Autobody is not responsible for any damage caused by Fire, Theft, or due to any other cause whatsoever to the vehicle or its belongings whilst the vehicle is in our care.

  • All items of value should be removed from the vehicle prior to placing it in our care. Whilst we endeavour to ensure safety of your vehicle, the company will not accept responsibility for any losses.

  • For any vehicle handed over to us for any work to be carried out whatsoever, and need to be driven by MAB Autobody’s designated employees, will be driven at the vehicle owner’s own risk.

  • MAB Autobody will not be held liable for any additional damage to locking mechanisms and electronic regulators damaged due to break-ins.

       Fitment Guarantee

  • The 12 month MAB Autobody Guarantee promises that: The fitment of every windscreen is fully backed and guaranteed for a 12 month period from date of fitment

  • The Guarantee covers faulty installation (incl leaks / wind noise)

  • Should the need arise; our call centre can authorize a replacement to the newly fitted windscreen (within the same period)



Acknowledgement of our Terms & Conditions of Service

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require help in the terminology on these Terms and Conditions.


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